Brand consistency just got harder! How you can adapt to the challenge

Brand consistency is about more than logos and taglines, it underpins every aspect of your business, at least it should if done well. Branding is about the promises you make and keep to your customers. Brand consistency ensures that promises are met at every ‘moment of truth‘ between your organization and your customers. Failing to […]

How to deliver engaging and effective online blended learning

Pre-pandemic the idea of online learning often referred to clicking through a one-size-fits-all elearning program, hardly engaging and rarely effective. Today as we all strive to keep our employees motivated and ready them for what’s ahead, blended online learning has an opportunity for those brave enough to use it, to make a real difference to […]

Blended program transforms managers into coaches at Capricorn

Salespeople are the frontline of many businesses and consequently considerable resources are ploughed into their training. But when sales results don’t raise despite development sessions and supervision, what do you do? Australian automotive industry body Capricorn sought to improve their sales performance by improving the quality of the coaching given to their salespeople. This meant […]

Reboarding with empathy, how to keep it human!

Are you ready to bring your staff back to the workplace? With the lockdown easing, your business could give the green light any day. When you do get the go-ahead, you’ll have a small window of time to get everyone on board and playing by a new set of rules for a post-pandemic workplace. You’ll […]

How Comcast reduced their sales ramp-up and increased revenue per day

Over half of salespeople will miss their quotas and one in ten won’t even meet half of their quotas. These are the stark predictions of the latest Salesforce report. The reason? Because “sales teams fall short of rising customer expectations” as customers demand ever-more personalization. Telecommunications giant Comcast recognized this and re-intevented their onboarding program […]

Delivering cultural alignment at ASL Group

ASL Group is one of the UK’s leading office automation suppliers. Starting out over 30 years ago, they focused on the latest tech of the time, fax and photocopy machines. But they kept a close eye on where technology trends were heading and expanded to include telecommunications and IT networking. Seeing the opportunity to become […]

Secure onboarding in a UK Government department

An issue of security A UK Government department dealing with highly sensitive data faced the challenge of onboarding new hires in the digital age while meeting its absolute requirement for a secure onboarding process. All data created for and generated by the onboarding process had to be securely stored and access needed to be limited […]

Coaching feedback, how observation accelerates sales ramp-up 

What difference would a 19% boost in the performance of your sales people mean for your bottom line? That’s what you can achieve with effective coaching feedback, according to a study by the Sales Executive Council. When onboarding new sales people, the focus is on getting them up to speed as quickly as possible on your […]

Job shadowing with structured reflection accelerates sales ramp-up.

“Experience alone does not lead to learning; reflection on experience is essential,” states John Loughran, an internationally recognised professor whose work focuses on teaching and learning. What does this mean when onboarding new salespeople? Essentially, no matter how much training, job shadowing and experience your new hires rack up, they won’t reach their full potential […]

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