Effective functional onboarding!

Joining a new company or team can be daunting. But being able to make a contribution drives the feeling of belonging. Functional onboarding drives capability and contribution. This leads to a sense of belonging and subsequently loyalty. Our easy to use onboarding platform is proven to accelerate competence growth, delivering a win-win for you, your new hires and organizational performance.

With On.Board you get an onboarding platform that:

  • is easy to use and quick to deploy
  • is mobile-first for easily-digestible mobile learning
  • provides access to your LMS, experiential activities and other resources all in one place
  • facilitates social interaction and social learning
  • enables timely, direct and contextualized feedback

Create experiences that change behaviour

The process of ‘learning’ is stimulated by experiences, not just knowledge. We believe learners really engage when they are offered opportunities to experiment, explore and test outcomes in an active, experience-led environment.

On.Board is a ‘complete learning’ platform. It connects content and application (knowing and doing) by using technology to create work-based activities that makes learning real.

It facilitates practice and demonstration of learning back into the workplace and enables leaders to review and feedback on these outcomes to develop their people

The On.Board story so far

For 5 years, we have been helping organizations deliver effective functional onboarding via our onboarding platform. With a focus on providing information, experiences, and feedback, we have helped customers reduce first year attrition by 35% and boost the first 90 days of performance by 25%.


Bringing it all together


A cloud-based application usable on multiple devices anytime, anywhere


Connecting your learners with those people best placed to develop them


Reports on learner and manager engagement metrics

Our blog

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About us

We are and always will be a performance improvement company, whose mission is to be a great company to work with and one which helps our customers elevate performance.
We are the company to work with when performance matters.

For more details, please see www.prosell.com

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