Our Story

On.Board was developed in collaboration with Prosell’s clients and using many years' expertise of what impactful training looks like. One client in particular, had a challenge with their new recruits. Like many employees who start a new job, they were expected to complete elearning activities and attend classroom training along with some job shadowing.

What was the problem? Engagement with the content was low and there wasn't always someone to support them with regular feedback.

Prosell and the client worked together to develop a solution that had the right combination of components to really make an impact. It consisted of tracked learning to increase accountability, practice activities to encourage application of learning, self-reflection forms to provide visibility on what was learnt during job shadowing sessions and feedback from a selected community of people.

But it wasn’t just any feedback. It was guided and targeted support,  that avoided the generic ‘well done, you did great’.

The client saw incredible results, and their employees were grateful for a tool that really helped leaders to connect with each individual at a personal level, build relationships and make everyone feel engaged and supported. Visit our Linked-in page here for more insights into how we view the world of learning and development.


About us

We are a tight knit team who are passionate about making training work. We look to not only support, but also challenge our clients, their managers and employees to be the best they can be and do things differently to ultimately improve performance. We work with our clients to empower them with the right tools and skills necessary to transform behaviours and make learning continuous.

Our beliefs & mission

We believe in a “complete learning experience” - training doesn’t end in the classroom but carries on into the workplace through practice and feedback. We believe in the power of 'performance coaching' and the impact your managers and leaders can have on everyone in the business. Effective coaching helps people to reach their maximum potential. However, it is sometimes easier said then done. We want to help everyone reach their maximum potential by making coaching a seamless experience through the use of innovative learning technology.

Service and Support

We will support you from day one. Firstly, you will be assigned your own program consultant who will discuss with you your needs and challenges and provide guidance for developing your learning programs.

We will then work with your assigned program builders and train them on how to create, edit and launch engaging programs. No programming experience necessary!

From then on you will have ongoing support through regular check-ins as well as access to our help desk and library of resources which include “How-to” videos to ensure you succeed.

Have an enhancement idea for On.Board? Feedback for us is essential. We listen to our clients and their suggestions and work with them to build On.Board’s development road map.

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