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When Vink UK, one of the UK’s leading plastics distributors, approached us, they were facing a challenge with the onboarding process at one of their 13 holdings, Amari Plastics. Established in 1975 and with 15 sites across the UK, Amari Plastics had a company onboarding process that simply put, was out of date. 

New hires were briefed using PDF documents, with the distribution of these documents and the completion of their company onboarding process being tracked on spreadsheets. This meant head office spent an inordinate amount of time managing the process and still were unable to deliver a consistent experience that represented their brand well. 

Company onboarding with On.Board 

Amari quickly and easily built a comprehensive company onboarding programme using On.Board’s easy to use builder. This covered everything from the company ethos, a message from the Managing Director and payroll requirements to health and safety and product particulars. Without the need for any tech experts, head office built over 40 activities as part of their company onboarding programme, complete with company branding. With everything set, they rapidly rolled out this digital mobile onboarding programme across all 15 of their sites. Then it was down to their local managers. 

With a Performance Hub linking up new hires to their local managers, tracking performance and completion was easy. Not only could all the relevant resources be uploaded or linked to but interactive elements such as quizzes and self-reflection forms were added as well. Managers were instantly notified every time an activity as completed by a new hire, prompting them to provide timely, structured feedback. 

What’s more, with built-in reporting, managers could at a glance see how each of their hires was progressing but equally, so could head office. In fact, this reporting facility also allowed head office to check the progress of their managers in onboarding new hires by looking at how quickly and how often feedback was provided. 

With On.Board in place, Amari Plastics enjoyed greater consistency in their company onboarding, while new hires could learn what they needed locally without making a trip to head office. Meanwhile, local managers had all the resources they needed, accessible anytime, anywhere via On.Board. This empowered them to deliver more effective onboarding. Crucially, this also freed up head office to focus on more business-critical tasks to drive innovation and growth, while still ensuring they had complete oversight of their company onboarding process.


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