On.Board as a change management tool

While most of our customers bought On.Board to accelerate functional onboarding many have achieved additional ROI by leveraging it’s unique capabilities for change managememt and other applications:

How this platform could work for you:

Engage and retain your people

Functional Onboarding

Onboarding your new hires effectively is important to ensure you engage and retain them. Our platform can help you achieve this through:

  • Pre-boarding, so they know what is expected of them and who is there to support them before their first day
  • Turn scattered content into a logical learning journey of what they need, when they need it
  • ‘Learning on the go’ with instant access to content, activities and people, all via a mobile device
  • Increase relevance of learning and engagement by providing a variety of action-based learning activities that allows them to demonstrate what they have learnt to ensure it really sticks

Encourage consistent cultural compliance


Building a compliance culture is crucial when influencing your people to ‘do the right thing’, our platform can help drive engagement and adherence by:

  • Ensuring your values and beliefs are communicated effectively through your organization and favourable behaviors are demonstrated by leaders and managers and leveraged by peer influencing
  • Moving away from tick boxes by inviting your employees to explain, demonstrate and evidence how they would behave in certain situations through digital evidencing (video, images and text)
  • Encouraging self-awareness and embedding appropriate behavior choices by reflecting on actions and providing feedback opportunities for managers to evaluate individual compliancy and help promote compliant behaviour
  • Track every action and interaction so your compliance officers can monitor completions, evidence and actions of leadership teams and employees

Enhance performance by growing your people

Development and Performance Management

Digital enablement of performance management has made it convenient and easier to support and develop your teams:

  • Providing a continual process of performance improvement to support and facilitate the ‘life-long’ approach to learning, not just managing performance but improving it
  • The ability to foster collaboration, regular feedback and coaching to employees that is relevant to their daily work activities
  • Incorporate engaging, real life activities that challenge and improve employee knowledge, skills and confidence in their role by evidencing their capabilities
  • Provide personal digital touchpoints with managers and leaders to review employee performance and offer guidance and coaching support to boost performance

Empower your people with the skills and knowledge to perform

Product/Service Knowledge

Our platform can help you efficiently share information about your organization’s new products/services with your teams by:

  • Bringing information about your products services to everyone when they need it, in a consistent manner i.e. new releases, new product information, new processes
  • Providing a mobile resource hub – one place for easy access to product/service information that is blended and relevant for all teams you wish to share the information with
  • Effectively testing their understanding and their ability to demonstrate communication skills of this knowledge to customers, via video sales pitches, text entry to explain a process or quizzes and tests
  • Providing managers and leaders with visibility on progress and individual performance to evaluate how well they apply their knowledge and then provide specific feedback on and support

Ensure change is truly personal via digital

Change management

Facilitating change in your organization via our digital platform can support your change initiatives to:

  • Establish your champion team to drive the change and design your change management program that is specific to your organization
  • Make it personal by communicating the change more effectively to your target community through your champion team in your Performance Hub, ensure everyone understand what is happening and why
  • Two-way communication so your target community has the ability to respond to your change initiatives by asking questions, filling out forms or creating videos
  • Enable your champions to identify adopters and resisters and adjust their approach to make the process more personal or provide more one to one coaching
  • Provide a safe environment for your people to practice new skills and receive personal feedback before deploying new behaviors or adopting new processes so they are ready for the real thing

Find out what On.Board can do for you

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