Delivering cultural alignment at ASL Group

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ASL Group is one of the UK’s leading office automation suppliers. Starting out over 30 years ago, they focused on the latest tech of the time, fax and photocopy machines. But they kept a close eye on future technology trends and expanded to include telecommunications and IT networking. Seeing the opportunity to become the go-to national suppliers of modern office automation products, they grew through acquisition, buying up dealerships nationwide. This gave them a national presence but came with a major onboarding challenge — cultural alignment.cultural alignment

The problem of cultural alignment

With 14 offices spread countrywide, ASL Group faced the problem of how to maintain cultural alignment. Each office had its own approach to onboarding, its own processes and tools, its own culture. These inconsistencies were not compatible with delivering a seamless customer experience.

ASL Group needed to deliver a consistent onboarding experience across each of its offices to make cultural alignment a reality. This would ensure staff across sites could integrate and work well together, understand and project company values, and consequently provide a consistent customer experience. 

The On.Board solution

ASL Group created a comprehensive, online onboarding process via On.Board’s user-friendly builder. This brought together both HR induction and functional onboarding. Head Office put together an induction programme that covered everything a local manager would need to communicate to new hires. This included easily accessible videos, PDFs and forms on On.Board’s Cloud-hosted platform. This ensured a consistent induction process, which included an introduction to company culture and history, an induction checklist, information on the company pension scheme and a health questionnaire. 

Completion of the induction programme naturally led onto functional onboarding activities and ongoing performance reviews. Once again, all relevant resources, including customised quizzes and self-reflection forms, were easily accessible anytime, anywhere using any digital device. Communication was key, facilitated through On.Board’s Performance Hub. The Hub connected new hires to their managers and coaches, who provided regular, contextualized feedback on the activities completed by new hires. 

Built-in reporting ensured managers could easily check on the progress of their new hires through the onboarding process. Likewise, Head Office could check in on the performance of their managers in providing feedback. The Hub, therefore, moved staff away from ‘email only’ communications and provided greater accountability for both new hires and their managers. This encouraged better engagement with the onboarding process. 

With a clear, structured onboarding process in place, managers and new hires across all 14 sites were educated on company values and trained on standardized processes. The result — cultural alignment at offices countrywide, bringing consistency to workplace processes and the customer experience.

What do the numbers tell us?

On.Board provides an easy-to-use functional onboarding platform for both new hires and their managers. But the true test of just how easy it is to use comes from the level of engagement with the onboarding process. The numbers speak for themselves. With 221 learners on the platform, over 5000 activities were completed, with each learner completing on average 24 activities. The driving force behind learner engagement was recognition and feedback provided by their managers, who approved a staggering 4835 activities between them.


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