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Onboarding sales employees to meet quotas faster

Effective functional onboarding of your sales team is all about empowering them to make a contribution. It’s arguably easiest to measure ‘contribution’ in sales with quotas being a key performance indicator, kicking in during your ramp up process. Our functional onboarding platform, On.Board has delivered a 30% reduction in time to effectiveness in sales and positively impacted attrition.

It all comes down to delivering the 5 key ingredients essential for onboarding sales teams, ingredients that that will set your salespeople up for success. Explore how to do this in our series of blogs:

Why it works

Technical training relies on a great deal of content. On.Board amplifies the value of your content by linking it to workplace tasks that trigger feedback from your experts and managers.

Traditional Training
  • 4

    Learner captures evidence to demonstrate outcomes of the task

  • 5

    Manager/Coach views evidence and provides specific and timely feedback

  • 6

    Digital record available of learners competence and job capabilty

  • 1

    Learner receives pre-requisite knowledge

  • 2

    Learner confirms understanding via quiz/test

  • 3

    Learner completes workplace task

How On.Board supports transfer of learning

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