Using mobile forms for a safer workplace at Georgia Pacific

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Georgia PacificIn manufacturing, it is vital that safe practices are regularly updated and embedded in organizational culture. The larger the organization, the more challenging it is to ensure consistency in this endeavour across sites. As one of the world’s largest producers of tissue, pulp and paper products, Georgia Pacific sought to overcome this problem.

The challenge

Georgia Pacific had invested in new machinery to move heavy loads and needed to train their operators on using it safely and with precision. This presented an opportunity to review their current training process.

Previously their training program consisted of very detailed training manuals and supervisors showing new operators how to use the machinery.  To verify operators were able to use the machinery safely, supervisors would watch them in action and sign them off. The resulting documentation was stored on-site. This process was replicated at each of its 180 sites across the country.

Not only was this process lengthy and required lots of paperwork but it was not consistent across sites. Georgia Pacific wanted to digitize this process but most LMS platforms only covered the theory side of learning, excluding observation and verification. They were looking for a more hands-on development approach, which was swift to deploy.

The On.Board solution

On.Board provided a quick and easy way to go digital with their learning and assessment across all of their sites.

The user-friendly content builder enabled them to rapidly and effectively digitize the learning process. In just a few weeks, they built a variety of training modules by uploading, embedding or linking to existing resources. This included 360-degree videos demonstrating how equipment should be used and operational manuals.

Assessments were also digitized by creating customised mobile forms to verify correct task completion. Trainee operators could easily upload multimedia evidence of each stage of their learning journey, which was then sent for verification to their supervisors.

Mobile forms for easy assessment

The use of mobile forms enabled the verification process to be completed in just 4 simple steps:

  1. An operator completes the theoretical elements of their training, using a mix of learning resources within On.Board.
  2. They are prompted to proceed to the practical verification of their learning. They initiate this by recording the sequence they’ll follow to safely handle the machinery using a mobile form. This provokes a reflective moment in which they can compose their approach.
  3. The supervisor receives a notification of the completed activity. Using another mobile form on On.Board, the supervisor records the capabilities of their operator against a company-wide set of criteria.
  4. Each training activity produces evidence ensuring others connected to the trainee via the platform can provide feedback to support their development. All feedback is recorded for the trainee to review at any stage.

What’s more, as the mobile forms that verified assessments were stored on On.Board, so too were their outcomes. If a trainee operator didn’t achieve the required standard, they were directed to revisit the relevant learning materials and advise their supervisor of when they’d be ready to re-take their verification.

Similarly, any activities set as ‘critical’ via the platform ensured trainees could not progress to the next stage until the critical activity was signed-off.

The results

By implementing On.Board with its mobile forms functionality, Georgia Pacific resolved several issues with their training process:

Ultimately, trainee operators’ newly learned skills were put into practice in a controlled, supervised and recorded manner much faster than previously possible.


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