Faster, safer, better technician onboarding

Functional onboarding of technicians to get your team up to speed

Your technician onboarding process is all about empowering your team to make a contribution. Practically, this means equipping your engineers or technicians with the right skills and knowledge to solve technical issues and carry out repairs and fixes as soon as possible.

For better first-time fix rates, for fewer truck rolls, use On.Board. Our functional onboarding platform will facilitate practice that enables your engineers and technicians to achieve competence and compliance in the field faster, not to mention build team cohesion and share tacit knowledge to improve safety.

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Deep technical competence develops over time, primarily through task repetition and the application of new learnings. As the old adage goes, 'it's not practice which makes perfect, it's perfect practice which makes perfect'. Our clients have seen big improvements in technician metrics by adding a 'hands-on' component to the technician's onboarding and development experience. When designing our platform On.Board, we sought to leverage the 70:20:10 model and integrate up-to-the-minute mobile features to improve learning in the field.  The result is a user-friendly platform, which combines content and application with evaluation and feedback to develop deeper competence, faster. Eliminate costly errors and enhance safety by embedding a culture of learning excellence in your technical workforce with a platform designed for technician onboarding.

So what is On.Board?

On.Board provides effective learning by:

  1. Making access to technical content easy
  2. Enabling application of learning tasks
  3. Supporting the evidencing of learning
  4. Facilitating specific feedback
  5. Validating correct practices

Why On.Board works for technician onboarding

Technician onboarding is a delicate task, with much at stake if procedures are not fully understood. On.Board maximizes your training investment by extending learning into the field and facilitating feedback by experts, regardless of their location.

Traditional Training

  • 4

    EVIDENCE Technician captures evidence which demonstrates outcome of the task

  • 5

    FEEDBACK Manager/Coach views evidence and provides specific feedback

  • 6

    VALIDATION Digital record of technician's job competence

  • 1

    LEARN Technician acquires pre-requisite knowledge

  • 2

    CHECK Technician confirms understanding via quiz/test

  • 3

    DO Technician completes work task

How On.Board supports transfer of learning

Imagine the difference

Imagine getting your technicians to higher levels of capability, fast.

Imagine competence gaps being illuminated through easily accessible evidence.

Imagine a team of engaged technicians who stay with you longer.

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