Secure onboarding in a UK Government department

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An issue of security

A UK Government department dealing with highly sensitive data faced the challenge of onboarding new hires in the digital age while meeting its absolute requirement for a secure onboarding process. All data created for and generated by the onboarding process had to be securely stored and access needed to be limited to only those staff members with a defined role in the onboarding process. 

The consequences of a lapse in security could affect more than the individuals directly involved in the onboarding process but could have broader national implications.

Secure onboarding with On.Board

On.Board provides a digital, functional onboarding platform that brings together all relevant training resources, facilitates contextualized, timely feedback for speed to competence and ensures accountability at the level of individual learners and managers. Crucially, for our client, a UK Government department, the platform also offers robust, reliable security. 

On.Board met their exacting security requirements through:

1) Our ISO27001 accreditation 

While the majority of organizations have security measures in place, these measures are often reactionary, disjointed and/or outdated. ISO27001 accreditation ensures a comprehensive information security management system (ISMS) is in place. In practice, this translates to:

Our On.Board team are dedicated to retaining our ISO27001 accreditation, ensuring a secure onboarding process for all of our clients in both the public and private sectors. 

2) Our 6-monthly ImmuniWeb testing

Twice a year, leading web security company ImmuniWeb tests our information systems for vulnerabilities using advanced AI technology. We then patch these vulnerabilities to keep our security risks to an absolute minimum. 

On.Board also features a Performance Hub which connects all parties involved in the secure onboarding of new hires. This facilitates regular communication with new hires via feedback from managers and coaches. However, access to a given new hire’s Performance Hub must be exclusively granted. 

What’s more, On.Board users can be assigned different levels of access depending on their role. For example, new hires can be limited to specific training modules, managers can be given access to reports that specifically track learner progress, while HR heads can be given access to reports that track manager performance. 

The outcome

With these accessibility and security measures in place, the UK Government department who approached us confidently went ahead with using the platform for the functional onboarding of their new hires. To date, over 250 of their new hires have used On.Board as a trusted, secure onboarding platform. 


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