Daniela makes ISO27001 her mission!

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. Our team spotlight this month is on Daniela Kelly, Prosell’s Program and Operations Manager. Daniela manages the core business processes that enable all client facing projects to run efficiently and effectively.

For On.Board, this involved overseeing the onboarding security through  ISO27001 accreditation and its ongoing maintenance and evolution. Where Prosell delivers blended learning, Daniela looks after key accounts and ensures training programs are delivered according to the project brief and client’s expectations.

Every day is different

On any given day, Daniela could be chairing an information security management review meeting or hosting a briefing webinar for Prosell’s US training consultant team on an upcoming project. She could be managing client comms to ensure their learners are prepared or discussing information security enhancements with the On.board project manager.

The best bits

When we asked Daniela what aspects of her role she enjoys the most, she had this to say:

“I love the fact that in my role there are always surprises! Going through ISO27001 accreditation was a real eye-opener. I expected it to be challenging but I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to be so interesting.  It made us look at all aspects of our business, including data integrity and onboarding security for our clients. It provides a really robust framework for making business decisions but in a dynamic and pragmatic way. Regular reviews and audits mean that if something needs improving, or changing completely, we have a defined and measurable procedure for making those adjustments. I’ve also managed Prosell’s ISO9001 and Investors in People accreditations for several years, so I suppose I am quite a ‘process person’!”

But there is much more to Daniela than processes…

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than working with clients and our US and European training teams on Prosell’s blended learning programs. I get to work directly with the learners in many cases. I make sure they’re prepared for their upcoming development programs, troubleshoot and best of all, see all of their feedback! It can be quite a juggling act, keeping all the client stakeholders informed and happy, while managing learners’ expectations. Not to mention making sure there are no gaps in the logistics of delivering a 10-week development program across multiple locations in several languages. Current technology certainly makes communicating across distance and time zones relatively straightforward but what I enjoy is fostering the spirit of collaboration and being part of a team, which ultimately means that we deliver a great learning outcome for our key customers.”

Best of both worlds

Here are Daniela’s final thoughts on her role:

“I suppose I get the best of both worlds.  It’s really satisfying to know that our On.Board users can rely on our platform to offer onboarding security, underpinned by continuous review and improvement. But I still get to have great conversations with customers and our training consultants. And know that we are delivering a valuable, face-to-face learning experience, often complemented by On.Board.  It’s a win-win!”


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