Your guide to remote onboarding in a post-pandemic workplace

As many of us take steps to get our businesses working again, for those in office-based workplaces, remote working may continue to be the norm. And for those new office hires, this means remote onboarding. But how can you effectively onboard new starters who won’t be physically present? How can you make sure they integrate […]

Virtual coaching; our six tips for success 

Whether it’s face-to-face or virtual, effective coaching requires that you, as a coach, suspend judgment of your coachee in order to help them achieve their goals. It is about ‘unconditional positive regard’, a concept developed by American psychologist Carl Rogers. First applied to therapy, unconditional positive regard is equally relevant for coaching. So, what does […]

Using purposeful social learning to increase employee engagement

Is the 90-9-1 principle causing you disappointment with employee engagement on your digital social platforms? This principle highlights that only 1% of participants create content, 9% actively engage with that content, and a staggering 90% are ‘lurkers’ who observe but do not contribute. You can see this principle in action for online social communities across […]

Digital facilitation, honing skills online through practice and feedback

In these unprecedented times, organizations worldwide are having to rapidly adjust to new ways of working. How is this working out for you and your team? If you are less busy, are you getting the most from the time and online opportunities available? Take a look at what the world’s elite athletes are doing. With […]

Learner Engagement — why is it so hard?

. Last week we were talking to an L&D leader at a large US corporate client. She was lamenting the fact that they had just ended the relationship with their open learning provider. Why? Because no one used the platform. So, what drives learner engagement at work? A recent LinkedIn survey showed that 68% of […]

How performance conversations reduce sales ramp-up

If we asked you to watch one of your team in action and tell us what they need to do to perform better, you’d probably know what to say straight off the bat. But would they? The answer to that question is more important than you may realize. A study of more than 40 Fortune […]

What listening to customers taught me

In 25 years of L&D consulting I lose count of the times I have helped participants re-evaluate the benefits of listening. Recently, however, I had my own lesson in what listening really means. The project We designed our functional onboarding platform 5 years ago. It all started as a client project where we consulted with […]

Daniela makes ISO27001 her mission!

. Our team spotlight this month is on Daniela Kelly, Prosell’s Program and Operations Manager. Daniela manages the core business processes that enable all client facing projects to run efficiently and effectively. For On.Board, this involved overseeing the onboarding security through  ISO27001 accreditation and its ongoing maintenance and evolution. Where Prosell delivers blended learning, Daniela […]

Sales Onboarding; Five ingredients to set your people up for success

Sales Onboarding can seem straightforward, after all salespeople are self-starters, right? But, what if we told you that two-thirds were planning to leave within the year? That’s a fact according to a Glassdoor survey. What’s more, the cost of replacing just one salesperson is estimated at $115,000. With your bottom line at stake, it’s worth […]

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