Are your carers good, or are they great? Does your homecare training deliver excellence?

Unleash the potential of your carers through a mobile platform that boosts learning and engagement through enhanced coaching and feedback. Request demo

Theory + Application + Feedback (x Tech)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and most of us didn’t get where we are today by simply reading a book.  Effective homecare training requires a careful combination of theory, practice and application, with evaluation and feedback to ensure continuous development. Our new homecare training platfrom offers everything you need in one seamless, user-friendly experience.  Equip your carers with the best possible training and achieve record lows in staff turnover by creating only the most confident, competent carers.

So what is it?

On.Board has 3 main applications:

  1. Create feedback loops between learner and mentor
  2. Encourage and store evidence of learning
  3. Host your own branded learning content

Why is it different?

Traditional digital learning products focus on theory. On.Board hosts learning content and promotes application by enabling stimulating and effective development tasks with the opportunity for recorded feedback and verification.

Communication Facilitate communication between your trainers, managers and carers
Customisable Adapt colours, logos and content to your organisation and region
Drive completion Add milestones to sequence the learning and drive completion
Clear reporting Track learning and progress via a reporting dashboard
Encourage self reflections Monitor how well carers understood critical policies
Paperless Manage, record and sign-off observations in the field
Increase engagement Maximise shadowing activities, enable mentors to pass on their expertise easily

Imagine the difference

Imagine getting your teams to higher levels of competence, fast.

Imagine learning gaps being illuminated through clear, simple reporting.

Imagine a team of fully trained, happy staff that stay with you longer.

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