Engaging managers to give performance feedback

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Digital training and development is no longer a one-way street. Yes, you need your people to be engaged with their learning platform, but learning that sticks won’t happen without performance feedback. That is where your managers come in. They need to be engaged too. 

The data is clear on this. Around 40% of employees actively disengage when they get little or no feedback and 60% of employees want daily or weekly feedback from their managers. 

So we know employee feedback improves performance and we know employees want it. But here’s the problem — only 58% of managers believe they give enough feedback and a staggering 69% are uncomfortable communicating with employees.

What is the solution?

There is no single, quick fix. Managers need support and guidance on how to give constructive performance feedback. This means a focus on tangible, meaningful measures and addressing both employee development opportunities and strengths.

However, knowing how to give feedback is only part of the solution. Managers also need the means to give timely, contextual feedback. Our mobile learning and coaching platform On.Board provides exactly this. How? By linking learners to their managers via customisable development programs with structured, tangible outcomes. Managers and coaches can then readily provide feedback on these tasks. 

But now comes the challenge of engagement. 

Prompting engagement

On.Board prompts both learners and managers to engage with development programmes by making it simple for both parties to communicate. Learners and their managers are linked through a Hub and communication is structured around specific learning activities. 

Both learners and managers can easily see what outstanding activities they have to complete via a live feed of updates. Also, if learners have not logged in for a pre-defined period of time, they receive an email notification prompting them to complete outstanding activities or review received feedback.

Likewise, managers receive push notifications if they are inactive on the platform for a period of time, prompting them to review the outcomes of learners ‘tasks and give feedback. 

Managers on board with On.Board

The intuitive nature of On.Board, the structure provided through each development programme and its customisable forms and quizzes keeps managers and learners engaged. 

We’ve found the vast majority of managers are highly engaged with the platform and appreciate the opportunity to communicate with their employees. Some of the most active managers complete over 1200 activity approvals with performance feedback every year.

By providing structure and context, even the most hesitant manager can feel more confident appraising the progress of their employees. And with push notifications, both managers and learners are kept on track toward higher performance. 


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