Meeting the rise of workplace AI by building capability

You’re in a Zoom meeting, churning through an endless list of meeting objectives. But you’re not taking a single note. In fact, no one is. No one needs to because the meeting is being recorded, transcribed, curated and made searchable. How? With your artificial intelligence (AI) plugin, of course. This isn’t the future. This is […]

Learner Engagement: Three key tips to increase it

For decades employee development has been about leading and instructing, the ‘top down’ approach. Then, about 10 years ago, L&D teams began a revolution, realising there is another way. Now, modern learning technology is widely oriented to this model. Employee development has become about supporting learners to follow their own path, one that suited their […]

Engineer onboarding; use of verification and feedback to accelerate speed to competence

Utilizing digital technology can improve how quickly and effectively you train up your field technicians and engineers. Whether you work in construction or utilities, mobile platforms can make it easier for your employees to become productive members of the team.

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