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When we plan our On.Board enhancements, a number of factors influence how we prioritize projects. This includes customer feedback, complexity of development (which obviously impacts timeline and budget)  and the return for users. Small enhancements can often deliver a big win for our customers. Ultimately, our aim is to continue to improve the learner experience.

Nudge, nudge

As the number of On.Board users has increased, it became clear that a reminder function for learners was needed.  Managers and other hub members receive email notifications regarding learner activities needing their approval. However,  until now, learners may remain unaware that they have tasks and activities to complete.

Now, platform administrators have the option to activate learner reminders on a program by program basis. This sends learners an automatic weekly reminder of their outstanding activities. Even if learners are enrolled in several programs, they’ll only receive one email with all their activity reminders. So no overflowing Inboxes!

This fills the gap in cases where program owners are perhaps not as diligent as they could be at checking learners’ progress and reminding them of what they are expected to do next.  This is not always an issue – the most proactive On.Board manager is on record at having approved over 2,500 activities, clearly someone who keeps on top of their learner groups!   However, there are others who have other pressures and priorities and so the email reminder will ensure that learners keep on track within their programs.  It is all about improving the learner experience and supporting them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

In due course, and subject to customer feedback, we may make this functionality more customizable – more frequent than weekly, possibly, or dependent on specific activity timeframes – but for the moment we will wait to hear how these reminders are improving learner engagement.

If you’d like to know more about our new Learner alerts, or more information about On.Board, please contact us.


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