Learner Engagement: Three key tips to increase it

For decades employee development has been about leading and instructing, the ‘top down’ approach. Then, about 10 years ago, L&D teams began a revolution, realising there is another way. Now, modern learning technology is widely oriented to this model. Employee development has become about supporting learners to follow their own path, one that suited their […]

Engaging managers to give performance feedback

Digital training and development is no longer a one-way street. Yes, you need your people to be engaged with their learning platform, but learning that sticks won’t happen without performance feedback. That is where your managers come in. They need to be engaged too.  The data is clear on this. Around 40% of employees actively […]

The trigger effect: learning reinforcement

You have designed the perfect development program. Your participants complete it, and then promptly forget 75% of it; welcome to the reality of human nature! German psychologist Hermann Ebinghaus quantified it with the forgetting curve. He demonstrated that a day or two after learning something new, most people forget about 75% of what they’ve learnt. He also showed that repetition […]

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