Meeting the rise of workplace AI by building capability

You’re in a Zoom meeting, churning through an endless list of meeting objectives. But you’re not taking a single note. In fact, no one is. No one needs to because the meeting is being recorded, transcribed, curated and made searchable. How? With your artificial intelligence (AI) plugin, of course. This isn’t the future. This is […]

Blended program transforms managers into coaches at Capricorn

Salespeople are the frontline of many businesses and consequently, considerable resources are ploughed into their training. But when sales results don’t rise despite development sessions and supervision, what do you do? Australian automotive industry body Capricorn sought to improve their sales performance by improving the quality of the coaching given to their salespeople. This meant […]

How performance conversations reduce sales ramp-up

If we asked you to watch one of your team in action and tell us what they need to do to perform better, you’d probably know what to say straight off the bat. But would they? The answer to that question is more important than you may realize. A study of more than 40 Fortune […]

Sales Onboarding; Five ingredients to set your people up for success

Sales Onboarding can seem straightforward, after all salespeople are self-starters, right? But, what if we told you that two-thirds were planning to leave within the year? That’s a fact according to a Glassdoor survey. What’s more, the cost of replacing just one salesperson is estimated at $115,000. With your bottom line at stake, it’s worth […]

How comprehensive is your onboarding dashboard?

An effective onboarding dashboard helps you track accountability for the onboarding experience across your organization. If you are responsible for onboarding, you’ll know that brilliant orientation involves many different activities. Some delivered offline, such as shadowing, mentoring, classroom training and some online, such as elearning.  A frequent challenge is ensuring that each new hire experience […]

How can you improve technician retention?

Technician retention is crucial for knowledge sharing and creating deep expertise in your organization. However, two-thirds of US workers are not engaged with their work costing companies up to $600 billion a year in lost productivity, according to Gallup. Construction, utilities, repair and maintenance are no exception, with field technicians and engineers even more vulnerable […]

Fast and flexible training for your field teams

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing market, your field teams need on the job access to fast, flexible training.

Engineer onboarding; use of verification and feedback to accelerate speed to competence

Utilizing digital technology can improve how quickly and effectively you train up your field technicians and engineers. Whether you work in construction or utilities, mobile platforms can make it easier for your employees to become productive members of the team.

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