How comprehensive is your onboarding dashboard?

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An effective onboarding dashboard helps you track accountability for the onboarding experience across your organization. If you are responsible for onboarding, you’ll know that brilliant orientation involves many different activities. Some delivered offline, such as shadowing, mentoring, classroom training and some online, such as elearning.  A frequent challenge is ensuring that each new hire experience is consistent and impactful;  tracking and verifying that all activities have been completed, particularly if they happen at a local level, is not always easy.  Does your onboarding dashboard ensure you have visibility of the conversations, meetings and practical sessions your new hires are required to have in their local offices or out in the field?

You have created a comprehensive onboarding program.  Is the execution compromising the new hire experience?  Is inconsistent implementation resulting in your new hires missing out on key information or skills or failing to engage with company culture?  It is no surprise that a poor onboarding experience doubles the chance of your new hires leaving in the near future.

The challenge

In our experience, those responsible for the onboarding process are often forced to juggle multiple spreadsheets and reports, each tracking different elements of the process. Not only is this a significant drain on time and resources, but it often fails to capture whether or not the complete onboarding experience has been delivered.

What is the solution?

Simply, bring all the elements of your onboarding program together in one place by using a digital platform to facilitate both online and offline activities and pull the data together in a scorecard style dashboard.

The way forward

On.Board, our mobile learning and coaching program, is specifically designed to facilitate and support both online and offline onboarding experiences, as well as the numerous relationships needed to make this process a success. Here’s how:

One for all

On.Board provides a single platform through which every aspect of your onboarding program can be rolled out, logged and tracked, with all data securely stored on the Cloud. From welcome videos and the upload of required HR documentation to embedded e-learning, observation and shadowing reports, on the job training activities and manager feedback.

24/7 access

Learners can access On.Board from any digital device, anywhere, anytime. They can consequently refer to learning resources (e.g. classroom workbooks, PDFs of product specs, technical manuals and e-learning) anytime.

A personal touch

Personalizing connections ensures each of your new hires gets the support and guidance they need as individuals to succeed. On.Board facilitates this in multiple ways:

Collectively, these features of On.Board engender a sense of community within your company.

Keeping up momentum

On.Board makes it easy for new hires to stay on track with their onboarding program. It provides reminders for any outstanding training activities or any completed training activities needing review. This encourages everyone involved to keep up the pace and ensures they don’t miss anything.

Using evidence to quantify development

On.Board supports evidence submission by prompting new hires to create video or photo evidence of tasks completed. This might be how to make a sales pitch or how to fix an electrical connection. This facilitates feedback from a nominated coach on meaningful job experiences. And it stimulates new hires to perform at their best when applying new skills.

Social with a purpose

Mentors and managers aren’t the only ones who can provide valuable input into new hire development, their peers can too. On.Board’s social learning feature is structured around learning challenges. It, therefore, focuses on meaningful commentary via discussion threads as well as galleries of task submissions by peers.

Visibility and tracking

Having all aspects of your onboarding experience in one place generates a wealth of data. This is easily accessible via the onboarding dashboard. These reports provide answers to questions including:

These reports provide data to effectively manage your onboarding experience, providing qualitative and quantitative insights on all offline and online activities. This enables you to spend more time refining the onboarding experience and less time juggling spreadsheets and cajoling stakeholders.

Seeing is believing, so request your free On.Board demo today and get a glimpse into how much easier life will be when you onboard with On.Board.  Alternatively, click here to watch a short explanatory video.


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