Using collaborative learning to drive behavior change via OnBoard

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As many of you may know, the 70:20:10 model suggests that 20% of learning and development is through others. For this reason many of our clients have started using On.Board to encourage collaborative learning through shared activities. This is done by creating tasks that nudge a learner to connect with a colleague to discuss a particular topic or complete an activity together.  Once the collaborative learning task has been completed a second phase of the task provides a reflection document, to review the experience and record what was learned. This reinforces understanding and helps complete the learning cycle.

For example, in a Product Advocacy scenario a salesperson meets with a more experienced colleague to discuss their experience and tips for selling a particular product. The learner then answers a series questions, to prompt their learning and help them reflect on how they can adopt new practices to improve their sales technique. Their reflections can then be shared with their Sales Manager for review and feedback.

The benefits are:

If you would like to see more examples of how collaborative learning activities can be used, please do get in touch with one of our program support team by clicking here.


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