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This month our spotlight is on Hilary Wells, Prosell’s Sales Development Manager.

If you leave a comment on the On.Board website or phone into the Prosell offices with an enquiry about the platform, Hilary is likely to be the first person you will have a conversation with.

Her role sits neatly between the Marketing and Sales teams and her focus is to develop relationships with prospective customers.  On any given day, she might be following up on enquiries, hosting a webinar or product demo, making new connections and having lots of conversations!

As a former Olympian kayaker, Hilary thrives on challenge and brings enthusiasm and drive to everything she does. We asked Hilary what she likes most about her role and the answer was no surprise to us!

People, people, people

“My overwhelming passion is talking to people about their business challenges and exploring whether we can help them improve the retention and performance of their employees.  It feels like a cliché to say that I am a “people person” but it is true.

On.Board is so much more than just a software platform. It delivers really effective learning experiences by bringing together the learners, their managers, coaches and subject matter experts and facilitating support, coaching and learning verification through the “hub”.  And I know from experience, that it is really easy to use.

I’m no “techie”, but even I am able quickly and easily to build customized demos in the platform to show prospective customers how it might work for them.  So, while I can be a bit evangelical about what On.Board is all about, my focus is always on the people I’m engaging with.”

Getting to know you

“I really enjoy finding out about organisations – their culture, objectives, successes and challenges – to see if we can find a way to help them support, develop and keep their most valuable asset, their people. It’s very much a two-way process. The more I understand a company’s needs, the more I can offer in terms of a potential solution.

So, I do ask lots of questions and I listen attentively with the aim of establishing whether there is a “fit” between On.Board and the company in question. And if you’re in a different time zone, that’s no problem, I can squeeze my lunch and dinner into all sorts of odd hours!”

A good cuppa

“There are tough days. Not everyone is open to dialogue and rejection is part of the job. But there’s always a colleague on hand to share a strong cup of tea with; then I just move on. Ultimately, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than receiving positive feedback from a happy On.Board customer.”

If you’d like to know more about how On.Board can support your business, please contact us.


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