How we drive On.Board development with our customers

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This month the spotlight is on Robert Luhse, Prosell’s Digital Project Manager.

On.Board customers have Rob and his team of software developers to thank for the platform’s steady flow of new releases, functionality enhancements and robust security.  He works closely with all stakeholders to gather ideas for improvements and manages the development process to turn them into a reality.  There is a strong technical element to his role. Rob is the first to admit that keeping pace with the digital world and ensuring On.Board continues to be a safe, reliable business tool could be a job in itself.

Rob’s true passion, however,  is developing an idea, planning its execution and delivering new functionality. Functionality that enables customers to create an even more effective learning experience for their teams. This journey is seldom smooth or predictable. Clients’ needs change, priorities shift and software development poses unforeseen challenges. However, with an agile methodology and a good sense of humour, On.Board continues to evolve and add greater value to our customers.  This is how Rob sums up his role.

Always on the go

“No two days are the same for me. But the consistent thread in my role is combining different people’s strengths to solve a problem and deliver a feature that adds real value to the learning experience provided by On.Board. I very much enjoy anticipating what customers might find really useful though even this holds surprises. Sometimes a small, relatively simple enhancement, such as making user interface button colours customizable, delivers a real “wow” to the customer. That really makes my day!

At other times, like our recent release of “social” functionality, the enhancement is the fruition of 6 months’ complex and challenging work, driven by requests from our customers and market influences. I try and stay one step ahead by talking regularly to all On.Board stakeholders, doing competitive analysis and keeping up to date with technological developments. However, my research is always underpinned by Prosell’s core values and expertise in delivering sustainable behavioural change and performance improvement.  It’s all about using technology to deliver a great learning experience.”

Strength in numbers

“I’m really fortunate to work with a very skilled team and it’s really exciting to draw on the different strengths of my colleagues. Our developers don’t just sit in the basement churning out code. We solicit their views and draw on their experience along every step of the build. They bring some great ideas and creativity into the process. Our customers, too, provide invaluable ideas and observations. I feel privileged to gain insights into their culture and best practices so I can support them as they incorporate On.Board into their organizations.”

Testing, testing, testing

“Before any new feature is released, we go through comprehensive testing. This is always the slightly nerve-wracking stage. But it does mean that when we go live, we’re confident that there will be no unforeseen disruptions in functionality or availability of the platform for our customers. Working within the framework of ISO27001:2013 ensures that On.Board is as secure and robust as possible. We work to a rigorous maintenance schedule so that our customers can rely on On.Board 24/7.”

The best part

“The highlight of my role is when customers start using a new feature even more successfully than I had anticipated.  Our customers are very generous with their feedback. There is nothing better than hearing how delighted they are with an enhancement to the platform which enables them to do something new. It might be something as simple as generating a learner report that saves them time or setting up automatic prompts to remind users to share feedback on a particular activity. A happy customer makes the many weeks of work all worthwhile.”


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