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What’sonboard HelpdeskBack in 2016, when On.Board emerged in its first iteration, we created FAQs. Gemma built a set of help files that could be accessed through the administrator view of the platform. As our customer community has grown, our support service has evolved. Training, problem-solving and communication has consumed more of our time. Our new On.Board Helpdesk may seem like a small step, but it is a giant leap for us!

Initial feedback has been very positive from customer administrators. They love the new look and easy access to guidance on how to create behavior change programs. We structured the Helpdesk to make navigation intuitive and for the first time provide access to information on all the latest enhancements of the platform.

Our second generation help facility leverages industry leading Zendesk technology to ensure access to user guides, latest developments and ticket registering is straightforward. User guides are now easily browseable and organized in a step by step progression through program creation and management, with lots of visual references. It enables program creators to develop skills at their own pace.  If they need more advanced help, our customer support line is always available for additional training.  We’ll also be monitoring which areas of the Helpdesk are the most popular and using this data to inform future updates.

The new ‘On.Board Announcements’ feature provides information regarding new releases, enhancements and scheduled maintenance. This makes 24/7 communication with our growing customer community simpler.

If you’d like an introduction to our shiny new Helpdesk or more information on On.Board, please contact us.


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