Using Onboarding games to excite and engage learners

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Prosell recently teamed up with The Game Agency to create some exciting onboarding games that can be used to complement learning content and activities within On.Board.

Program builders can choose from a set of challenging games and easily input their own trivia questions and answers to reflect the topic the learner has been covering. Then they can embed the games by either using a scorm package or by linking out to a web page.

The games are designed to drive meaningful and rewarding learning experiences as well as increase knowledge retention. Players are also added to a Leader board and are encouraged to repeat the game to get the highest score!

Why not have a go? Here is a game we recently built for the sales community. Play here



    • Hi Barb, Glad to hear you are excited about using these games in your programs! Yes this linking feature is available. Someone from our support team will be in touch to show you how. Best regards, Vanessa

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