Embed rich onboarding media and bring your program to life

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On.Board is a flexible platform where you can embed various onboarding media types to be viewed or downloaded as part of an activity.

These media types include Microsoft office docs, pdfs and video/audio. One other interesting media type that often gets overlooked are IFrames. They are a great way to embed interactive content from different web sources. All you need is the html embed code which can be simply accessed using the share button. For example, this is how you would embed a video from YouTube.

IFrames can really bring your learning activities to life. For example you could use them to embed google maps, podcasts from sound cloud, slide decks via LinkedIn slides or surveys via google forms. Here is a preview of how it can look:

Have you used IFrame media content before? Are there any other useful web sources you would recommend to use? Let us know using the comment box below.

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