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.The team spotlight this month is on Prosell’s Finance Manager, Pam DeHavilland. 

Pam is responsible for all aspects of the company’s accounting. This includes sales and purchase ledgers, credit control and generating management accounts. Using Prosell’s bespoke project management tool, Pam provides vital project profitability analysis and forecasting.

With On.Board now added to Prosell’s portfolio,  Pam ensures that license renewals are invoiced in a timely manner. Both suppliers and customers will always find Pam helpful and efficient when it comes to resolving billing queries or accommodating invoicing requests.

We asked Pam how her role has changed since the launch of On.Board.

Consistently on the ball

“My role hasn’t really changed. It’s been more a case of adding new contracts and customers to the accounting mix. Once a new On.Board customer is set up, the finance, like the platform itself, is simple to maintain.  Most customers are on an annual license renewal scheme. Although we do have a quarterly instalment payment plan for those customers who prefer that.  After billing for the initial set up and support package, it’s just a question of keeping an eye on the calendar!

When we were putting the initial rate card together, I provided different P&L projections so the business could find a flexible approach to customers’ varying needs. At the end of the day, any contract has to work well for the customer and us.”

Added value

“Where I really add value is providing financial insight so we can plan and prioritize modifications and enhancements. One of our biggest releases was adding a social dimension to On.Board.  The development process took about 6 months. It was key that the Directors and Project Manager could be confident that there were sufficient financial resources to support and complete the process. Moreover, it’s essential that On.Board continues to evolve. So I’m always happy to keep a vigilant eye on cashflow!

My role is very varied and covers all aspects of the business.  I am always included in team meetings and really appreciate the visibility this provides in terms of strategic direction, business successes and potential challenges.   The more I know about where we want to be, and what our customers need us to provide, the better able I am to support the business.”


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