SME feedback, a new enhancement that yields great results

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As part of the learning process, feedback is essential to help employees improve their knowledge and techniques. Through the Performance Hub, On.Board drives regular feedback on completed activities, but up to now this responsibility has been given to one person only.

Recently some of our clients have expressed the need for more than one feedbacker. With ever more complex job roles, often an employee’s role might sit between different departments and therefore require support and feedback from more than one person. For example, a Technical sales engineer would benefit from being in close contact with a technical product specialist as well as their sales manager.

We gave this feedback to our developers. With On.Board’s latest update, you can now create relationships between the learner and a group of dedicated subject matter experts to provide feedback. This means that whilst one person will still be solely responsible for reviewing and approving an activity, other experts will also be invited to provide feedback via an email notification.

Since implemented, learners say they feel better connected to others within separate departments and that they are more likely to approach them for advice.

Would you like to explore this in more detail? We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our program build experts. Get in touch and let us know!


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