How performance conversations reduce sales ramp-up

If we asked you to watch one of your team in action and tell us what they need to do to perform better, you’d probably know what to say straight off the bat. But would they? The answer to that question is more important than you may realize. A study of more than 40 Fortune […]

Sales Onboarding; Five ingredients to set your people up for success

Sales Onboarding can seem straightforward, after all salespeople are self-starters, right? But, what if we told you that two-thirds were planning to leave within the year? That’s a fact according to a Glassdoor survey. What’s more, the cost of replacing just one salesperson is estimated at $115,000. With your bottom line at stake, it’s worth […]

How comprehensive is your onboarding dashboard?

An effective onboarding dashboard helps you track accountability for the onboarding experience across your organization. If you are responsible for onboarding, you’ll know that brilliant orientation involves many different activities. Some delivered offline, such as shadowing, mentoring, classroom training and some online, such as elearning.  A frequent challenge is ensuring that each new hire experience […]

Accountability for onboarding; how to measure local delivery

Accountability for onboarding can change as the new hire progresses through the process but measuring local acocuntability can be a challenge. You also need to know the following: How well are your new hires faring in their first few months at your organization? Are they getting everything they need from their onboarding experience? Are your […]

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