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The spotlight this month is on Gemma Morrell, Prosell’s On.Board Services and Support Manager. Working with the support team, Gemma ensures that we deliver effective business support and services to our On.Board customers. Customers bring different challenges and insights to the table; on any given day, she may be fielding queries through our Service Desk, training a customer in getting best value from the platform or liaising with the development team to consider how customer feedback can be applied to product improvements. When we asked Gemma about the highlights of her role, this is what she said.

“A big part of my role is working with new customers, supporting them to get best value from On.Board. The level of involvement customers choose varies; some opt for our standard training covering the necessary tools to start creating programs. Our FAQ’s and Administrator Guides are comprehensive, and we listen to customer feedback to continually update and improve them. Having said that, my team and I are always available should they need assistance with a particular aspect of their program.

Some customers, however, prefer a more bespoke approach. This usually involves regular meetings, either in person or remotely, where we review their program development. Our feedback can include suggestions on improving program structure, module design, activity selection or feedback processes and structure. Where I believe we add most value, is our input on how to make learning tasks as effective as possible. We work closely with our customers to understand their behavioural objectives, the working environment and their culture. This ensures lively discussion and a two-way learning process! It is always satisfying to hear how much customers value our performance improvement experience and how subtle changes in approach can leverage great content into sustained behavioural change.

Once a customer’s On.Board platform goes live, I continue providing regular touchpoints and support. I particularly enjoy the different perspectives customers share and the creative ways they bring vibrance and fun to their programs. From a “Hazard Hunt”, where technicians are required to submit photos of potentially hazardous technical configurations, to a “Re-Boarding” program, designed as a competence and compliance refresh for all employees with three years’ tenure, our customers are helping us realise many and varied applications for On.Board. We are proud that one customer, a leading plastics’ manufacturer, recently concluded that On.Board should now be their company-wide digital learning platform. They use it for new hire, technical training and recently used it to drive a deep understanding of GDPR and how employee behaviour needed to adjust. They, like other customers, recognise the power of the “learning hub”, our mechanism for enabling expert validation and feedback to participants based on how they complete learning tasks.

Customers also provide invaluable feedback on functionality, enabling us to continually improve the platform and ensure that support materials available for program administrators hit the mark. Next on my list is the creation of resources explaining how to design effective learning journeys and which activity types work best for different learning objectives. I have no doubt that customers will continue contributing much of the material for this!

In this role, nothing is more pleasing than when customers express their appreciation for the extent to which we are open and responsive, viewing every program build as a team effort, with the icing on the cake being when On.Board becomes an indispensable part of the learning and development fabric of their organisation.”

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