Blended program transforms managers into coaches at Capricorn

Salespeople are the frontline of many businesses and consequently, considerable resources are ploughed into their training. But when sales results don’t rise despite development sessions and supervision, what do you do? Australian automotive industry body Capricorn sought to improve their sales performance by improving the quality of the coaching given to their salespeople. This meant […]

Learner Engagement — why is it so hard?

. Last week we were talking to an L&D leader at a large US corporate client. She was lamenting the fact that they had just ended the relationship with their open learning provider. Why? Because no one used the platform. So, what drives learner engagement at work? A recent LinkedIn survey showed that 68% of […]

How Comcast reduced their sales ramp-up and increased revenue per day

Over half of salespeople will miss their quotas and one in ten won’t even meet half of their quotas. These are the stark predictions of the latest Salesforce report. The reason? Because “sales teams fall short of rising customer expectations” as customers demand ever-more personalization. Telecommunications giant Comcast recognized this and re-invented their onboarding program […]

How performance conversations reduce sales ramp-up

If we asked you to watch one of your team in action and tell us what they need to do to perform better, you’d probably know what to say straight off the bat. But would they? The answer to that question is more important than you may realize. A study of more than 40 Fortune […]

Daniela makes ISO27001 her mission!

. Our team spotlight this month is on Daniela Kelly, Prosell’s Program and Operations Manager. Daniela manages the core business processes that enable all client facing projects to run efficiently and effectively. For On.Board, this involved overseeing the onboarding security through  ISO27001 accreditation and its ongoing maintenance and evolution. Where Prosell delivers blended learning, Daniela […]

Sales Onboarding; Five ingredients to set your people up for success

Sales Onboarding can seem straightforward, after all salespeople are self-starters, right? But, what if we told you that two-thirds were planning to leave within the year? That’s a fact according to a Glassdoor survey. What’s more, the cost of replacing just one salesperson is estimated at $115,000. With your bottom line at stake, it’s worth […]

No lunch for Hilary!

This month our spotlight is on Hilary Wells, Prosell’s Sales Development Manager. If you leave a comment on the On.Board website or phone into the Prosell offices with an enquiry about the platform, Hilary is likely to be the first person you will have a conversation with. Her role sits neatly between the Marketing and […]

Learner alert!

When we plan our On.Board enhancements, a number of factors influence how we prioritize projects. This includes customer feedback, complexity of development (which obviously impacts timeline and budget)  and the return for users. Small enhancements can often deliver a big win for our customers. Ultimately, our aim is to continue to improve the learner experience. […]

The new Onboard Helpdesk, support all grown up

What’sBack in 2016, when On.Board emerged in its first iteration, we created FAQs. Gemma built a set of help files that could be accessed through the administrator view of the platform. As our customer community has grown, our support service has evolved. Training, problem-solving and communication has consumed more of our time. Our new On.Board […]

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